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Dr Debbie Kays, Nottingham University

About Debbie...

Dr Deborah Kays undertook her MChem (Hons) and PhD degrees from Cardiff University. For her PhD she undertook investigations into the synthesis and reactivity of novel transition metal complexes of boron, under the supervision of Prof. Simon Aldridge (now at Oxford University).


A postdoctoral position, also with Simon Aldridge, followed, which saw her research interests expand into the synthesis and reactivity of B/N vinylidene analogues, low-coordinate complexes featuring the heavier group 13 elements and Lewis acidic boryl compounds for C-H activation chemistry.


Deborah took up a Junior Research Fellowship at Merton College, Oxford (2005-2007), which allowed her to build up an independent research programme investigating the synthesis and bonding of low-coordinate main group and transition metal centres.


She was appointed Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Nottingham in 2007, and promoted to Associate Professor in 2014.

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